Every day of the week, we receive several calls inquiring about a quote for transmission repairs. Our answer to most of the people who are requesting quotes is usually pretty simple. We begin by explaining that cars today are a lot like big computers (1). And since today’s cars are controlled by computers, it is very hard to tell you where the problem is without ever looking at the vehicle. More importantly, we use several computers (2) that allow us to talk to your vehicle’s computer and determine where the problem is located.

Sometimes the computer tells us that it needs to be re-booted. Sometimes it tells us that it has serious problems. Sometimes it has failed completely and the computer must be replaced. However, in all cases, we don’t charge you anything to tell you what is wrong with your automobile. If you call some shops and ask for a quote, if they have not looked at your car, what are they quoting you? Even simple cars (3) have complex computers (4). What if you need a simple computer fix but get a quote for an entire transmission? Well, if the shop is honest, they may change your “quote” after you show up and are ready to pay for their service. However, if the shop is not reputable, they may not adjust their price at all!

However, since 1995, Allstate Transmissions has served the Dallas, Garland, Richardson and Plano areas. More importantly, Allstate is one of the most trusted experts in the diagnosis, service and maintenance of transmissions. So call Allstate first. Before starting any repair, we will perform an extensive Multi-Check Inspection on your transmission. This $95 value available at many centers will be performed for you at no cost! Did you know that over half the cars we service only require a minor repair or adjustment? So why call a competitor or local dealership for a quote on a transmission that you may not need!

If your transmission does require repair, rest assured Allstate will rebuild your transmission correctly and we guarantee our work with on of the best warranties in the business.

If you still insist on a quote for your repairs, fill out the easy form below and one of our Experts will contact you within 24 hours. They will be happy to try and provide you with the information that you are requesting.

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