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An Allstate Transmissions Certified Technician can diagnose a lot of transmission problems, just by looking at the level and quality of your transmission fluid. Here’s some tips from the pro’s at Allstate you can perform by looking at your car’s transmission fluid in your own garage or driveway.

If you see low fluid levels, you may have a leak. Our complimentary Multi-Check Inspection Service will help identify any small leak before it becomes a big headache. The color and condition of your transmission fluid can quickly help you identify if you have a transmission problem:

Clean, Clear Fluid, with Virtually No Odor— the fluid’s like new. Chances are the transmission’s working fine. Use the vehicle mileage or time since it was last serviced to determine whether you should have the transmission serviced.
Slight Brownish Tint, with a Lightly Burnt Odor— the fluid’s beginning to burn, and is probably due for a service. If you didn’t have the fluid exchanged completely the last time you had the transmission serviced, you may just be looking at the old oil that was left in the transmission. As long as the transmission seems to be working okay, consider a complete fluid exchange service in the not-too-distant future.
Brown Color, with a Distinctly Burnt or Varnished Odor— the fluid’s burnt, and you may already be experiencing transmission operating problems. If the trans seems to be operating okay, you might still get away with a complete fluid exchange service and filter replacement. But there’s little doubt that the transmission is beginning to wear, so the best you can expect from a service is to buy some time. Eventually you’ll be facing a transmission job
Black Color, with a Stench that Will Make Your Toes Curl— the fluid’s severely burnt, and the transmission probably is, too. You’re probably experiencing a serious transmission operating failure. A service at this point will usually be a complete waste of money; the trans is going to need a rebuild. And there’s the possibility of related problems, such as a clogged trans cooler or a cooling system problem. Make sure you have these systems checked at the same time, to avoid a second transmission failure.
Metal on the transmission pan magnet and/or shiny flakes in the transmsision pan — this is an indiacation of wear and damage going on inside of your transmission right now. At this point, you have an internal problem inside of your transmission and you will need some type of internal service to correct your problem.

If you notice burnt, varnished, or see particles in your transmission fluid, bring your car into Allstate Transmissions immediately so we can diagnose your transmission problem so you don’t break down or before it requires a more costly repair.


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